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Balinese Boreh / Warm & Healing Body Pack

A village remedy originated by Balinese rice farmers Boreh is made from a combination of roots, herbs and spices. Apply Boreh all over your body and then wrap your body with cloth to keep the paste in contact with your skin. The sensation is of deep penetrating heat that melts away your tension. Boreh helps to warm the body, increases blood circulation, relieves aching joints, sore muscles and headaches and is fever-reducing.

Composition: freshly grinded Balinese rice, skim milk, virgin coconut oil, clove, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, peppermint.

1 kg / US$ 40

Please keep away from direct sunlight, store cool and dry.

How to prepare and apply boreh:

Take a bowl with seize 200 ml or more.
Put around 100 g boreh powder and pour 85 ml water into it. Stir it. Ready.

Then apply the boreh to the body avoiding sensitive areas.
Keep the boreh for 20-30 minutes on the body, you may cover the body to increase the heating effect.

Finally take a shower to wash away the boreh.

Boreh sachet
Boreh sachet 500 g

Boreh treatment
Boreh treatment at Sekar Jagat Spa Bali

Boreh powder
Boreh powder in bowl

Boreh treatment
Boreh treatment

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