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Balinese Body Lulur / Scrubs

Lulur is an exfoliation and polishing process that has been practised in the palaces of Bali and Java for centuries and is still practised among Indonesian women and spa goers in Asia. Apply that body mask of rice, herbs, roots, spices and flowers, allow it to dry and rub it off. Lulur beautifies and softens your skin and leaves your skin smoother and fresher looking. You can use lulur once or twice a week with no problem. After two month reduce to twice a month.

Composition: freshly grinded Balinese rice, sticky rice, skim milk, fresh aloe vera, vco virgin coconut oil, and extracts of the specific flower respectively fruit or bean.

Available aroma:
Carrot, avocado, pandan leaf, papaya, coffee, green tea, chocolate, strawberry
1 kg / US$ 20

Citronella, lavender, jasmine, frangipani, ylang-ylang, rose, cempaka-magnolia
1 kg / US$ 25

Aloe Vera, Seaweed
1 kg / US$ 35

1 kg / US$ 45

Please keep away from direct sunlight, store cool and dry.

How to prepare and apply lulur:

Take a bowl with seize 200 ml or more.
Put around 100 g lulur powder and pour 85 ml water into it. Stir it. Ready.

Then apply the lulur to the body.

Wait 5-10 minutes then start from where you started to apply the lulur: Rub with gentle pressure to cleanse the skin, take away the dead skin cells and to smoothen the skin. Do this around 30 minutes.

Then take a shower with shower gel.

Lulur sachet
Jasmine Lulur sachet 500g

Lulur treatment
Lulur treatment
Lulur powder
Jasmine Lulur powder in bowl

Lulur treatment
Lulur treatment at Sekar Jagat Spa Bali





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